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Terms & Conditions Acceptance

You (the client), agree that you have read, agreed, and fully comprehend the material presented to you. You also agree that you AGREE to all terms and conditions once you check out, which gives consent that you have read, agreed, and fully comprehend this information.

Payment and Charges

You (the client) understand that in order for I (the designer) to start any service, that you must pay in full the costs of any service that will be provided. No deposits are accepted under any circumstances. The only time deposits are prohibited is when you pay for services over $400, and there will be options to pay half, and then full. You also understand that once the money is received the start of the project will begin and that refunds will not be issued under any circumstances.

Design Information

The client agrees that they will give full details/ description to the designer, and they also understand that if they do not adhere to this agreement they will receive a refund of their money. (THIS IS THE ONLY TIME A REFUND IS PROHIBITED) At this condition, the client will not be able to work with Elite Graphics indefinitely. They also understand that what is submitted onto the design form will be used for the design.

Turnaround Time

The client understands that they will receive their design in 5-14 days for A La Carte Services, 28-31 business days/4 weeks for design packages and websites. (WEEKENDS NOT INCLUDED). Custom packages can take up to 2 months to complete depending on package size. As a graphic designer we tend to get extremely busy with work load, so allow 5 days after set turnaround to receive your designs. If this does happen, we will give you a 25% coupon code to use for future bookings. If there shall be any additional delay in turnaround times, the designer shall provide information in regards of delay and come to an agreement with the client. 

Revisions take 1-3 business days to complete but can take up to 5 depending on workload!

Please also understand communication is key. Once you send information for any work, that's when we're able to begin working. Delayed responses for design work can affect design turnaround.


The turnaround time for all Graphic Design Services, begins when FULL ADVANCE PAYMENT has been made, design form is completed and all content (i.e., images, pictures, bio, information, links, etc.) for the design project has been supplied by the CLIENT.


Upon completion of the project, the designer will deliver only one design in the format of jpg or png. If changes are needed, you are allowed to make 3 revisions free of charge. Once those 3 are fulfilled and there are additional revisions needed, an added fee of $25 will be provided. 


To be eligible for a full refund the client must request a cancellation of their order within 24 hours after purchasing. Also a refund is only eligible IF I receive an order from the client and they do not submit info in the design form. Which means I have no material to design with so a refund will be submitted but you WILL NOT be able to order with ElitexGraphics again in the future. 


Elite Graphics is NOT responsible if the client decides not to read our terms & conditions. DESIGNER has all rights to cancel an open project due to no response after drafts are sent after a 72 hour grace period.


If you, the client, for some reason decided that you want to dispute our order without communicating with us first to fix the problem, you WILL BE BANNED from our site and will not be able to book again! Please communicate with us first because we want to make sure all of our clients are satisfied! 


Once you purchase any design. You agree to ALL TERMS!

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